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Stampinator Universal Trial Program ($5755 Retail, $1000 Deposit)

Stampinator Universal Trial Program ($5755 Retail, $1000 Deposit)

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If you want to make your prints better or automate your transfers with the Stampinator on your automatic screen printing press but are unsure of how it would work in your shop, the Stampinator Trial Program could be the perfect way to get started. 

How the trial programs works:

The Stampinator Trial Program allows you to test and use the Stampinator for two months in full production. It includes shipping, return shipping, two months of Rent on the Stampinator, virtual support with optional onsite installation, and training. 

The Stampinator is the most versatile tool for an automatic screen printing shop. It can be used to:

  • Pre-Stamp the garment prior to printing providing the ultimate printing surface.
  • Flash Stamp the garment after your underbase replacing a flash and roller/iron in one printhead and making an amazing foundation to print on. 
  • Post-Stamp the garment to smooth out all fibers. 
  • Cure-Stamp the garment to provide a full cure on press. *works with Plastisol ink, gum rubber platen tops, and Kraft silicon paper needed for this process. 
  • Press-Stamp transfers or DTF transfers. *black transfer rubber platen toppers needed for DTF/SupaColor transfers. 

Simply follow these steps: 

  • Choose your press. 
  • Purchase the program. 
  • Receive the Stampinator. 
  • Unbox your Stampinator Trial (link to video).
  • Setup your virtual training call or purchase onsite installation and training. 
  • Start Stamping.
  • Choose your outcome after two months: 
  1. Keep the Stampinator - We will send you an invoice with the money you paid for the program discounted from the purchase price. 
  2. Extend your Rental - At a rate of $400/mo with a 2 month minimum extension. *additional rental months will not be discounted from future purchase prices. 
  3. Return the Stampinator - By using the initial Stampinator box and packaging material and included return label.

The Patented Stampinator 480 can improve your screen print quality and labor efficiencies as a dryer or high volume inline heat press.

The Stampinator Universal Version Fits 

  • All ROQ presses
  • M&R Gauntlet 1 &2 2019 and older, Copperhead, Sportsman, Diamondback, Challenger 3, Cobra, and Striker.
  • Workhorse Sabre, Cutlas, Freedom, and Javelin
  • All Anatol
  • All TAS presses
  • All MHM presses

Package Includes

  • Stampinator 480 Universal
  • Extra Teflon Sheet
  • Heat Conductive Green Rubber Insert
  • 12' Pigtail Power Cord for wiring in a plug
  • *ROQ Package Includes ROQ Compatible Plug
  • Side clamps will be included except for ROQ units

Make your prints better and automate your transfers by

  • Stamp Flashing The Underbase (replaces first flash, roller, or iron which saves a printhead)
  • Matting down fibers prior to printing
  • In-Line Heat Transfer
  • In-Line Screen Numbers
  • In-Line Speciality Applications like Foil and Rhinestones
  • In-line Stamp Curing completing a final cure on press
  • And much more

Flash speeds range between 2-5 seconds.

Capability of producing over 480 transfers per hour.

Stampinator Return Policy


  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Dimensions: W 24" x L 36" x H 12"
  • Electrical: 3600W / 16AMPS / 220V
  • Platen: 16" x 20"
  • 2 Year Warranty on heat platen, full one year warranty on machine
  • Fully digital temperature control 32° - 600°
  • US Patent #: US9486995B2


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