Stampinator Teflon and Heat Platen Calibration

Stampinator Teflon and Heat Platen Calibration

When it comes to achieving the best results with your Stampinator, proper calibration is key. Two important factors to consider are the Teflon and heat platen calibration. Let's dive into the details of how to calibrate these aspects for optimal performance.

What is Teflon and Why is it Important?

Teflon is a non-stick coating that is commonly used on Stampinator surfaces to prevent ink from sticking and ensure smooth operation. Proper calibration of the Teflon layer is crucial for consistent and high-quality stamp impressions. A well-calibrated Teflon surface will prevent smudging, improve ink transfer, and prolong the life of your Stampinator.

How to Calibrate the Teflon Layer

Start by inspecting the Teflon surface for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any issues, it may be time to replace the Teflon coating. If your Teflon is loose and slack, it’ll pick up and not give you the matte feel you are looking for. When you flick the Teflon with your finger, it should sound like you’re hitting a stair drum. Use an 11/16th socket wrench to adjust the Teflon.

Understanding Heat Platen Calibration and its Role

Another reason why your Stampinator might need calibration is because of heat platen Calibration. Maintaining the correct heat platen calibration is essential for achieving crisp and clear stamp impressions. Improper calibration settings can result in blurred images, uneven curing distribution, and overall poor stamp quality.

How to Adjust the Heat Platen Calibration

A straight edge and a flashlight can be used to check if the heat platen is flush or not. If you do not see light coming through the bottom of the straight edge, you know you’re properly calibrated and your heat platen is flat/flush. If you do see light coming through the bottom of the straight edge, then you’ll need to make an adjustment. To make an adjustment, you’ll need a 5/32nd standard Allen wrench, and a 1/2" inch wrench. You’ll want to pull the 5/32nd Allen wrench counter clockwise, and loosed the top nut a quarter turn, while holding the Allen wrench.


Be sure not to loosen more than 2 full turns, as this will void the warranty on the heating element! If you have any questions about how to adjust the heating element, be sure to call our support line at 443-782-6748 before making any adjustments. For more information and other how-to videos, please visit our how-to video section.

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