Return on Investment

For our unit, ROI is based on labor only. The material cost stays the same, however productivity increase 24 times. The STAMPINATOR 48 can produce 480 units an hour vs 2 units an hour. A manual Heat Press and operator produces around 20 units an hour.

  • Labor Hourly Wage for Heat Press Operator: $10.00
  • Labor Daily Cost: $80.00
  • Labor Weekly Cost: $400.00
  • Total Monthly Cost: $1600.00

By inserting the STAMPINATOR 480 to your automatic press, the press has now become fully automated. Allowing for 480 units an hour. Normally we would run three operators on the auto. The catcher has now become eliminated from the position allowing only the loader and unloader to produce the order.

  • Labor Hourly Wage Catcher: $10.00.
  • Labor Daily Cost: $80.00.
  • Labor Weekly Cost: $400.00.
  • Total Monthly Cost: $1600.00.
  • Catcher savings 10.00hr.

The total monthly labor savings for Heat Press Operator and Catcher is $3200.00.

Yearly labor cost for both $38,400.00.

The unit cost is $7500.00 Your ROI is a 10 week return running 40 hours week.

Labor cost savings the first year, $30,900.00.

Again, your savings for purchasing the STAMPINATOR 480 is mostly if not all labor cost.

If you are a smaller shop, running your Heat Press Department less than 10 hours a week with a labor wage of $10.00 your ROI is about 2years.

Every shop is different. If you are a high volume shop or even a low volume shop the STAMPINATOR 480 will allow for your Sales Reps to increase sales, for all heat transfer applications.