Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the user manual for the Stampinator?

For Stampinators purchased prior to 2023, the user manual can be found here. For Stampinators purchased 2023 or after, these manuals can be found here.

Is the stampinator compatible with my press?

The Stampinator is compatible with Roq, M&R, Workhorse, Tas, Anatol, and MHM automatic presses.

What type of substrates can I cure?

Foil, rhinestones, vinyl, stamps, plastisol ink, and waterbased ink.

Can I use the stampinator on a manual press?

No. The stampinator is designed for an automatic press.

Can I use the Stampinator as a flash dryer?

Absolutely. Typical flash time is 2-3 seconds.

How often will I have to replace the teflon sheet?

As long as the teflon does not rip, it should last several years. 

What if I want to return my Stampinator?

We have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. See more details here.

I am using my Stampinator for the first time and it is smoking a little. Is this normal?

Yes, the heating element is burning off dust and debris from the heating element that has accumulated during the storage, packing, and shipping process.

What is the warranty on the product?

There is a two year warranty on the platen, and a one year warranty on the machine.

Is there aftermarket support on the Stampinator?

Yes, we have a robust support system to assist you in assembly and production for the machine.

Do I need a special platen or can I use a standard aluminum platen?

An aluminum platen along with heat conductive rubber below the print area is required to use the Stampinator.