• Transform your Press

    Convert any automatic press into the ultimate transfer machine.

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  • Increase Productivity

    With the rise of quality and versatility for specialty print placements and print on demand transfers and DTF, the Stampinator increases your shops productivity by over 400%.

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  • Space Saver

    Now you can use the space you were using for your old heat press for something else.

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Stampinator Stories with Mike W from Swell Ink

Mike W from Swell Ink tells us how he uses the Stampinator with a grey blocker. Grey blockers can make your prints feeling like a parking lot, so Mike uses the Stampinator to give his prints a nice smooth feel.



"Nice smooth, soft print. Thanks Stampinator."

— Franklin Press


  • Stampinator Teflon and Heat Platen Calibration

    When it comes to achieving the best results with your Stampinator, proper calibration is key. Two important factors to consider are the Teflon and heat platen calibration. Let's dive into the details of how to calibrate these aspects for optimal performance.

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  • Why the Stampinator is More Cost Efficient Than a Flash and Conveyor Dryer

    The Stampinator can replace a flash and conveyor dryer in your screen printing operation. It makes for a better final cure, and will make your prints better by making a smoother under base and eliminating fibrillation. But one of the biggest reasons you might want to switch to the Stampinator is that is is extremely cost efficient.

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Stampinator on Workhorse

The Stampinator works great on Workhorse Automatic Presses and can be used either as a flash dryer to matte down fibers and cure the under base or a heat press to either heat press transfers or do a final cure on press without the need of a conveyor dryer.


Stampinator Testimonial

The Stampinator has become and essential tool for us at Rock Hill Screen Printing, we have been able to improve the quality of our prints by delivering a softer hand, as well as improve our day to day productivity. It is without a doubt a must-have for any serious screen printing shop.

Make Your Prints Better Now

Stampinator Stories: SupaColor, the Worlds Greatest Transfer is Now the Fastest!

Rum with SupaColor tells us how you can use the Stampinator to produce more transfers than you ever could before. The proof is in the pudding: Sam at Long Beach was able to do 620 impressions per hour using the Stampinator with SupaColor transfers. The Stampinator will make your prints better and increase your production.