Transform Your Manual Press Into a Transfer Printing Machine and Improve Your Screen Prints

Transform Your Manual Press Into a Transfer Printing Machine and Improve Your Screen Prints

5 Things that Makes the Manual Stampinator so Innovative for Manual Screen Printers

If you have a manual screen printing press, and are also doing DFT transfers, you are probably using a heat press (boring). Rather a single station or dual station heat press, this is how manual screen printers have generally done heat transfers. The Stampinator M has changed this. Now, you can do heat transfers on your manual screen printing press, with a higher production rate than you get on any heat press. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. The Stampinator M will allow you to produce up to 360 DTF transfers in one hour! Try producing that on your single or even dual station heat press! 

The Stampinator M can also replace your flash dryer completely. It uses less energy than a standard infrared flash dryer. The quality of your prints will also be better than a flash, because your prints cure with a smooth and soft hand. Since the Stampinator makes contact with the ink/garment, the cure time will be less than a flash dryer, which hovers over the ink.

On the topic of curing, the Stampinator can be used for the final cure for your screen prints as well. This means that you can replace your conveyor dryer with the Stampinator. If you are working with limited space, this makes the Stampinator M a great solution, as a conveyor dryer takes up a lot of square footage in a tight working environment. The Stampinator will also use much less energy than a conveyor dryer as well. The final cure is a smooth and soft feel. If you'd prefer a matte finish, you can also use Kraft Paper for the final cure, making the print feel more like it was cured in a conveyor dryer. 

Aside from the Stampinator being able to fully replace your flash and conveyor dryer, it can also be used to pre matte the fibers down on the garment before the printing process, to eliminate fibrillation. 

It also makes for the perfect white under-base. You can use a higher mesh screen to print your white under-base, as a heavy well and lower mesh will no longer be needed, which saves you money on white ink. The subsequent colors will pop off the shirt like you've never seen. 


The Stampinator M is a game changer. If you're a manual screen printer, you'll blow your competition away with how fast you'll be able to cure heat transfers. The quality of your prints will be better and you'll save on your energy bill by eliminating the flash and conveyor dryer. 

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