Stampinator Classes Coming in May

Stampinator Classes Coming in May

Imagine if you could increase your production by 4X, while saving $ on consumables, and increase the quality of your prints, all at the same time?

Automate Your Transfers and Make Your Prints Better at the new Stampinator Studio Classes. 


PRICE: $599 DATES: May 19-20


  • Artwork setup, film output, and screen making for each project and for use with the Stampinator
  • Optimal screen mesh tension and selection for use in print applications
  • Ink creation and the low cure and low bleed/blocker inks when using the Stampinator
  • Print setup and calibration and options to achieve the best results using the Stampinator
  • Print order, squeegee selection, print process with Stampinator as underbase
  • Under Armor performance jersey printing
  • Separations and output for sports printing
  • Press setup, rubber platens for final cure on press
  • Using the Stampinator as a flash
  • Using the Stampinator for final cure to keep temps lower
  • Use of craft paper
  • Using platen rubber
  • Setting up the Stampinator
  • Workflow efficiency and troubleshooting
  • Stampinator name DTF
  • Using the SupaColor with the Stampinator
  • Heat pressing names and numbers
  • Sponge fleece application
  • Using the Stampinator with and without platen rubber


  • Learn how to increase your productivity and production by up to 400% using the Stampinator
  • Learn how to get smooth prints that do not have dye migration issues
  • Pre-heat press any garment, smoothing fibers, removing lint, and warming the print surface to create the ultimate garment to print on
  • How you can replace your conveyer dryer, and save energy in the process
  • How to build the ultimate underbase and reduces the ink deposit needed in your prints
  • How you can use your automatic screen printing press into the fastest heat transfer machine you’ve ever seen


FRI, MAY 19 (09:00-16:00)

Stampinator and pre-press

09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  • Welcome, background, Q&A
  • Shirt Allmade Black
  • Thought process of design creation
  • Thought process and demonstration in separations
  • Film output
  • Screen making, Mesh selection, tension
  • Ink creation
  • Print setup and calibration, review print orders, squeegee selection and settings, print process using Stampinator on underbase.
  • Press setup with the Stampinator
12:30 PM to 05:00 PM
  • Under Armour Performance Jersey
  • Separations and Output for Sports Printing
  • Screen Making, Mesh Selection (thin thread and tension)
  • Ink creation, low cure, low bleed or blocker, (Stampinator allows use of easier to use inks because it keeps temps lower)
  • Press setup, rubber platens for final cure on press
  • Print Setup, print process, Stampinator as a flash, Stampinator as a final cure to keep temps lower
  • Use of craft paper

SAT, MAY 20 (16:00-16:00)

Transfer projects

09:00 AM to 12:00 AM

  • Review press setup, including platen rubber, Stampinator setup, workflow efficiency and troubleshoot
  • Transfer Projects:
  • Stampinator Name Plate DTF - Back of Allmade
  • SupaColor - w/ blocker, Bella+Canvas Sponge fleece application on sleeve. with sleeve platen
  • Heat Pressing names and numbers on the back of an Under Armour Jersey
  • Specialty printing with the Stampinator

12:30 PM to 05:00 PM

  • Screen print on BELLA + CANVAS Sponge Fleece Black
  • How to get a great/smooth print that doesn’t have dye migration issues
  • How to use the Stampinator with and without use of rubber


2107 Emmorton Park Road suite 108, Edgewood, Maryland 21040, USA


If you're coming from out of town or would just prefer to stay closer to the event for a discounted rate click the link below.

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