Live and Virtual Stampinator Demo's: How it Works

Live and Virtual Stampinator Demo's: How it Works

By now, you have probably heard what the Stampinator does. But sometimes seeing is believing. We make extraordinary claims, but anyone can simply proclaim their product to be innovative. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 

Live Demo's

We're hitting the road to show people what the Stampinator can do. We're starting in Maryland and Virginia, then will be swinging into New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We'll show up with a Stampinator to your location that we can put on your press to demonstrate to you how the Stampinator can be a money printing machine for your business. If you're interested in scheduling a live demo, please email us at or text us at 443-782-6748.

Virtual Demo

We can also do a virtual demo via Google Meet. Our facility has a ROQ auto and a Riley Hopkins manual press that we use to show you how the Stampinator works. We do these demo's every Wednesday and Friday.  

If you can't do a live demo, or your not on the east coast, a virtual demo is a great way to understand how the Stampinator can increase your production and make your prints better. 

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