Why the Stampinator is a Great Investment in a Down Economy

Why the Stampinator is a Great Investment in a Down Economy

The up's and down's of the global economy is something we all have to deal with. These days, current state of the economy depends on who you ask and we're not qualified to make predictions on where the economy is going. However, no matter what happens in the economy, the Stampinator has your back. 

As a business owner, when money gets tight, you start looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency. Doing more with less becomes the name of the game during a recession. The Stampinator was made to increase production and quality of screen prints and DTF transfers. The Stampinator can fully replace an employee doing DTF transfers working on a single station heat press. 

The Stampinator can cure up to 360 DTF transfers on a manual press, and up to 480 DTF transfers on an automatic press. Compare that to an employee doing DTF transfers on a single station or even a dual station heat press. It doesn't even compare!

The Stampinator doesn't need a lunch or smoke break. It won't show up to work hung over. You don't have to pay it employment taxes or give it healthcare benefits. If the economy takes a downturn, the Stampinator will allow you to increase production and cut down on overhead, thereby increasing your overall efficiency. That's a win-win.

We speak to a lot of screen printers every day and a common theme we hear is that it is difficult to find good and reliable printers, as well as being difficult to keep good help even if you do find it. The Stampinator will be the best employee you never hired!

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