Why the Stampinator is More Cost Efficient Than a Flash and Conveyor Dryer

Why the Stampinator is More Cost Efficient Than a Flash and Conveyor Dryer

The Stampinator can replace a flash and conveyor dryer in your screen printing operation. It makes for a better final cure, and will make your prints better by making a smoother under base and eliminating fibrillation. But one of the biggest reasons you might want to switch to the Stampinator is that is is extremely cost efficient. 

The reason for this is that the Stampinator can flash or cure by making contact with the garment, unlike a flash or conveyor dryer that radiates heat downward from a few inches above. The Stampinator has a sheet of teflon that covers the heating element. This teflon keeps the heat retained and insulated. Standing next to the Stampinator, you'll notice that it is not the same as standing next to a flash dryer, where you can feel the heat radiating in all directions. This heat is un-used energy that you are paying for!


During the printing process, you can leave a garment with wet ink under the Stampinator for several minutes, and the ink will not cure until you Stamp the print, unlike a flash dryer that will immediately cure the ink, then scorch the shirt. 

Since the Stampinator makes contact with the garment during the flash/curing process, it will cure the ink faster than a flash and conveyor dryer. Since the curing times are shorter, there is a smaller margin of error. This means that it can take a little time to dial in the Stampinator. The most common complaint we get from users is that the ink over cures and sticks to the teflon, an easy fix which is described in the below video.

What are the Comparable Savings?

 Model Stampinator 480 Quartz Flash Savings
Amps 17 Amps 40 Amps 23 Amps


 Model Stampinator M 18x18 Flash + 8' Conveyor Savings
Amps 17 Amps 14 + 27 = 41 Amps 24 Amps

This is just one of many reasons why the Stampinator is such an innovate product in the screen printing industry. So get yourself a Stampinator, save money in energy bills, and make your prints better today!

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